Thursday, June 28, 2012

everyone needs a little Jacob in their life ...

So what with trying to get things ready for the crazy to begin & a wonderful last minute weekend away with the hubby to salzburg i haven't had a chance to edit let alone blog. I've had a couple of shoots that I'm excited to share with you, a going away present from a wonderful friend i need to photograph for the blog (oh how well she knows me) & of course personal work that seems to be building up a little more than i would like. & the hubby is off gallivanting around the world for work (ok i admit he is you know working but still) so it's just me & the munchkin for the moment. 

So today I'm sharing some of my favourite recent photos of Jacob. As you can imagine we had a little fun with this "shoot" & thankfully no accidents! 
& the moment where once again this little boy breaks my heart & i am reminded just how blessed i am!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone



  1. How super incredibly adorable is he?!? Love it - and laughed at the mention of "no accidents" haha.

    1. thank you ... i think so too but i am just a little biased! xx